Description of SKOPJE LIGHT ART DISTRICT 2020 The app includes all information, the detailed program, suggested routes and an interactive map to guide you through the Festival.SKLAD remains as a symbolic bridge, a vivid link that unites art, technology, science, architecture, nature, past, present and future, by using the language of light.In this year’s edition of SKLAD is relocating in the 2020 to the green splendours of the Skopje city. Focusing creative energies to emphasize the idea of a Green City, connecting the history and marvels of the ancient Stone Bridge with the wonders of the Skopje City Park. Around 18 locations are fascinating light points on this path,to offer visitors a thrilling experience with light art works, interactive installations, light & music live acts, video mapping projections and performances.Reaching from history, deeply into nature, among trees, meadows and lakes. Skopje City Park is not just the green, tranquil oasis and invaluable lung of our hectic city, but a very unique place to enjoy, to take care of and to be proud of. Searching inspiration in its beauty and treasures we aim to highlight this exclusivity by creating an extraordinary experience where nature, technology, science and art meet. SKLAD 2020 wishes to communicate message of environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, to help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources, by putting attention onto the values that are so vivid and tangible in our own Skopje City Park.SKLAD is the creative lightning that will affect city of Skopje.The adventure has already started – in high speed and with passionate enthusiasm!I am sincerely welcoming you all to the Skopje Light Art District 2020

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