Tutorial on makeup contours

Description of Tutorial on makeup contours Today many women are interested in studying makeup and trying to dress up on their own. Contouring is one of the make-up techniques that must be mastered by women because with this technique, you can look charming in an instant on your special occasions. Facial contouring is a make up technique that can highlight facial parts so that your appearance can look more perfect. Contour function is to reinforce the parts of your face such as cheeks, nose and forehead. Many women are not confident enough to do their own facial contours. Round face contour Oval face contour How to use the contour stick How to round face contours Facial makeup contouring Learning contours Face contour for beginners Contouring is a technique used to reinforce and highlight the face so that the make up does not look flat. In contouring, there are Bronzers and Highlights. Bronzers are used to reinforce parts of our face such as the nose, jaw, cheekbones and the edge of the forehead. While Highlights are commonly used to highlight the part of the face you want to highlight such as the forehead, under the eyes, chin and nose bone. Heart Face Contour To make a heart-shaped contour, use the bronzer on the cheekbones and the edges of the forehead and highlights on the center of the forehead, under the eyes, nose bones, cupid bow and chin. Oval Face Contour To contour the oval face is very easy, you don’t need to correct anything just to emphasize the lines on the cheekbones and around the forehead and give highlights to the bottom of the eyes, the middle of the forehead, the nose and chin bones. Box Face Contour To make a contouring on the face of the box, use the bronzer around the cheek and don’t give the bronzer on the chin. Suppose this shading is to give a shadow so that your face approaches the ideal face shape that is oval. Then use a little highlight on the triangle under the eyes, the middle of the forehead and chin. Round Face Contour To do contouring on a round face, more or less the same as a box-shaped face but what distinguishes it, shading on the cheeks and jaw are further blended further as shown below.

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