Road24 – jarimalar

Road24 - jarimalar

Description of Road24 – jarimalar Penalty for violation of traffic rules * Penalty check 2021 * Photo radar * Penalty check and online payment * Penalty photos and videos * Receive notifications of new fines * Penalty check by car number and passport * Check of fines « – Fines »- a reliable mobile application for checking and paying fines of the official traffic safety service. The app frees you from paperwork and helps you pay with a discount without going to a bank branch. – Official information on fines from the database of the General Directorate of Traffic Safety Service – State number sign + tex. Passport Series and PINFL (Passport) Penalty Verification – Multiple Vehicle Penalty Verification – Convenient for taxi fleets and commercial auto organizations – View photos, videos and location of fines (except when the inspector suspends and draws up a protocol) – Payment of fines with Uzcard and Humo card – Keep a check on the payment of fines – To show to the staff of YHX – New fines push- notification – 30% penalty discount 7 days before and 2 days before notification – Check the status of motor transport insurance and technical inspection (as soon as possible from the database of insurance and YHXBB) – Purchase of compulsory and voluntary insurance ( E-Policy) and equalization of insurance prices (soon) – Purchase a permit for online toning (soon); – Check if the vehicle was hit by a VIN number – Jarima to’lovlar ATB “Universalbank” tarafidan amalga oshiriladi. ——————— Ru-RU * Traffic police fines with photo * Traffic fines 2021 * Check and pay fines online * OSAGO online * All fines, including parking Tashkent * Traffic police fines online by car number and passport * State services * Automatic notifications of new fines * List of paid fines with a photo “ Uz fines” is a reliable application for checking and paying traffic police fines online. The application will help you get rid of paper receipts and going to the bank or State services to pay fines. – Official information of the state information system (KSBMS) and Admin.Prkatiki of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Auto fines of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate are checked with a photo of the vehicle – Simultaneous check for several vehicles and / or VUs, including for commercial and state car parks – Traffic police fines with a photo of the place of violation on the map
 – Push notifications of new traffic fines – Traffic fines from cameras – Online payment from the application using bank card Uzcard Humo – Receipts confirming the payment of fines for communicating with the traffic police officers – Registration of an electronic OSAGO policy online – Compare prices of 15 insurance companies ——- The traffic police fines are paid through JSCB “Universalbank”

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