Tube Runner Lite

Description of Tube Runner Lite Tube Runner is my very first game released on a mobile device in which you control a shiny avatar hurtling through an endless pipe system littered with obstacles and power ups! Features:- Endless gameplay!- A new level each play session thanks to randomised generation!- Collectible power ups!- Varying levels of difficulty!- Highscore system!- Completely free to play!Your speed increases slowly or quickly overtime depending on the difficulty you select and you must avoid the white tubes by tapping Left or Right on your device.Power ups along the way make you invincible, slow you down or give you a simple points boost to help multiply that ever increasing score.Compete for the highest score possible which is saved between play sessions without the need to upload it to a server! Compete against your friends for supreme bragging rights!Thanks you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy playing my first mobile project, all comments and ratings are appreciated so please do feel free to let me know your thoughts!Special thanks to Jasper Flick of CatLikeCoding for his assistance in generating the pipe system.

Download APK(33.18MB)

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